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How to choose successful dissertation topics - a quick guide

This might well be a quick guide but it certainly contains the rock solid recommendations which have been used for tutoring students when writing a dissertation essay. Remember the rock solid fundamental. You must have a concise but detailed thesis statement and from that will flow the perfect dissertation essay.

Think long and hard about the creation of your thesis statement. Not only is it the basis or the foundation of your essay but it needs to be strong and rich enough for you to develop a series of points. It's not so much that you research and write well but rather that you present a number of important and relevant points. You have to explain yourself and of course do that well.

  • Don't be afraid to think outside the box.
  • Make sure the structure of your essay is replete with relevant content.
  • Make your writing rich and any question should never be able to be answered with a simple yes or no.
  • Don't be afraid to make it sexy.

It's important to follow the rules and the traditions of good dissertation essay writing but you should always be prepared to add a little risk to your activity. You can push the envelope and you can think outside the box. Don't be restricted in your choice of topic. Be prepared to be a little bit daring.

The topic will dictate the content and while your structure must be rock solid and clear it must also be matched by outstanding content. If you have chosen the topic well the content should flow. Sometimes it's a good idea to have only a working title and change it once you've completed your dissertation essay. If you have found some fabulous information and include that in your writing then that could form the basis of the actual topic of the essay once it's complete.

If you pose a question in the writing of your essay it is the essential that there is no simple short answer to that question. You need to have a topic which suggests controversy or depth or relevance. If the topic is too simplistic then it restricts your ability to write in great detail.

Again thinking outside the box can also be upgraded to making your writing a little bit sexy. That of course means that you can keep on the path of tradition but at the same time flirt with adding a little humour or controversy or daring in what you write. You always want to make your essay stand out from the others.