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20 Popular Dissertation Topics You Should Stay Away From

When writing a dissertation it can be very easy to pick popular topics that ultimately end up either being too hard to write about, or too similar to essays that have been written before. In order to help you to write a good piece of work, it can be a good idea to stay away from the following 20 popular ideas, which have been broken down into four different categories.

Topics that are too big

By basing your dissertation on a topic that is too big, you will be unable to provide high quality detailed evidence and analysis on the whole topic. Rather than trying to cover the whole topic, it can be a much better idea to pick a more specific area of that topic instead. This will enable you to focus on that area more thoroughly, as well as potentially helping to ensure that the thesis is as unique as possible. The list below gives examples of wide-ranging topics:

  • An in depth study of the internet
  • An analysis of the Second World War
  • The history of the automobile
  • The film industry in India
  • Art from the renaissance era

Topics that are too small

Whilst using a topic that is too big can prevent you from covering that topic sufficiently, choosing a topic that is too small may have something of an opposite effect in that you may cover everything in the topic, but run out of things to say. Therefore, when choosing a topic, you want to be sure that there is enough relevant information for you to write a long enough piece of work. The following examples may come under this category:

  • An in depth study of a new company with very little history
  • The life and times of a young and unaccomplished actor
  • An analysis of a brief battle in a war
  • An in depth look at a particular piece of art
  • An analysis of a particular scientific method

Common topics

It is best to stay away from common topics, as these will most likely have been covered many times before. As a result, it will be difficult to come up with new and relevant information about that topic. Some examples may include:

  • An in depth study of a famous historical leader, such as Hitler
  • A study of important historical events or occurrences, such as the Great Depression
  • A study relating to a major geographical feature, such a Mount St. Helens
  • A study of a famous author, such as Shakespeare
  • A study of a famous artist, such as Picasso

Topics that are too difficult to research

There are many reasons as to why a topic may be too difficult to research. If you cannot find out enough relevant information then it can impact upon the quality of your final work. The following examples outline just some of the ways in which topics may be too difficult to research:

  • A study of a sparsely reported on archaeological dig in a foreign country
  • A study relating to a relatively unknown figure from the past
  • A study of a topic you have little knowledge of
  • A study of a topic where all evidence is circumstantial
  • A scientific study that requires expensive experiments that go beyond your budget