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Guidelines For Writing A Dissertation Proposal Title Page

Since your thesis is a large piece of work, it should have a title page. It is part of the cover page. The front page varies therefore, confirm from your university or college on their specific guidelines and requirements. A thesis is different from a thesis proposal so ensure you write down which sort of paper it is you are written.

  • Contents
  • The main contents include: an award for which your work is been submitted example if it's a master's or doctorate thesis; author's name, work title, respective academic year. Additional requirements include: institution name, faculty name, supervisor's name and the presentation date.

  • Thesis title
  • Your thesis title should be clear and accurate. It should be a reflection of the entire content of your thesis. For easy retrieval from electronic gadgets, use key words or key phrases. Avoid use of Greek symbols, letters and abbreviations or formulas, instead use words for your title.

  • Student and degree name
  • Use the name in which you have registered with at your university or college. Once you choose to write it at both the top and bottom, it should appear on the same level. For your degree name, ensure you have indicated whether you are pursuing a bachelor's, Master's or doctorate degree.

  • Credentials
  • If at all you have additional academic credentials, write them down. It is not a necessary requirement. However, if you choose to write down your previous qualifications, there are steps you need to follow. Include the title of your credential, the institution's full name and the graduation date.

  • Name of the program
  • Your program name should be written in parentheses. Note, do not put your department under this category or any other. For example, master of law (LLM). Underneath, include the name of your campus. The date should never be omitted.

  • Copyright
  • A copyright symbol © is necessary. It should be at the bottom of your page and your name and year of submission should be inclusive. Remember, the name needs to follow the above stated rules. Note; use the symbol © instead of the symbol @.

  • Creative commons license
  • Use of the Creative Commons License is optional. If you choose not to use the copyright symbol, then this type of license is another option. Once you use the CC Licence it's good to note which rights you are giving. When you submit your work, you can never change the Licence.