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Coming Up With Winning Dissertation Topics In Accounting And Finance

If you are studying for a career in either accounting or finance, then you will already have an analytical mind and the ability to pay attention to fine detail. You will also be comfortable with risk analysis. The challenge that you face is coming up with dissertation topics that will set you apart from the rest of the pack. You could be the most brilliant student in the world, but that won’t help you unless you are willing to take a calculated risk and stick your head above the parapet.

Accounting and finance can sometimes seem dull. How can you make it sexy? While you need to come up with a topic that interests you enough to make you want to spend time researching and writing it. You also need to step out of your comfort zone and start thinking outside of the box. Dig a little deeper than your fellow students, and hopefully you should come up with a topic that will make your lecturer stand up and take notice of you. If you are still struggling for inspiration then hopefully my suggestions below will help you do just that. Simply spin them a little to make them fit:

  1. Companies are notorious for hiding their intellectual property value away, deep inside their financial statements. Analyze Virgin Media and BSkyB, or another two of your choosing.
  2. Based on the Z-Score analysis, assess the potential future growth for Marks and Spencer and Next – Two of Britain’s middle range clothing retailers. Compare this to anticipated future growth of Primark, one of Britain’s leading budget retailers.
  3. Explore the reasons behind why the U.K. is yet to have a full microfinance market.
  4. Are Ed Miliband’s economic policies detrimental to businesses? Explore the impact that a Labour victory in May 2015 would have on the U.K. economy. Contrast this to Conservative plans.
  5. Is the belief that emerging market economies are cheap to trade with a myth?
  6. Following the recent banking scandals, is there still a role for Hedge funds and how can they rebuild their reputation?
  7. Identify the five key concerns around ethics in banking and explore ways of overcoming these concerns.
  8. Are the existing measures that are in place robust enough to prevent the financing of terrorism? What more can banks and major financial institutions do to crack down on this? Is it the responsibility of banks to do so?