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Creating A Winning Postgraduate Dissertation: Basic Writing Rules

A dissertation is a very exciting milestone in your academic career. You should be thrilled. It will be a mammoth undertaking, and there are many set rules for completing it properly. You will want to get a copy of your college’s format and rules. While there are some standard rules for all universities, there are also some decisions that will be the specific college’s call.

Basic Writing Rules

  • Get approval-you have to get approval to proceed with your topic. You may be asked to make some changes. It is okay to think about how you will proceed with your planned topic, but do not do too much until your approval happens.
  • You have to be the expert-you will have to have an oral defense of your thesis. You need to know everything there is to know about your topic.
  • No spelling or grammar errors-you cannot have silly or careless errors in a paper that is this important. If you have to do so, hire some one to proof the project for you. You can also frequent the campus-writing lab. They will proof and critique your work for you free of charge.
  • Write in active voice-your work needs to be presented and formatted in active, not passive, voice.
  • Use a writing company-if you can afford it, use a writing company. Doing this will take off some of the stress. They can and will do almost anything you ask them to do such as proofing, research, or structural corrections.
  • Prove it-prove the thesis statement. That is your job and if you do not prove what you set out to prove then your argument may be denied.
  • Academic and credible support-use the experts. You must use the experts to support your points. You can use articles, data, and interviews from professor and industry giants.
  • The format-the format, whether APA or MLA, is very important. You must have an abstract, a cover sheet, running headers, and anything else the format you are required to use asks for. Follow the format exactly.
  • An outline-because this project is so extensive, you want to take the time to make a detailed and a precise outline that maps out your plan.

As you work toward completion of your winning postgraduate dissertation use our basic writing tips. And follow any other rules that your advisor gives you, as well as, the college rules for applying for any obtaining approval of your dissertation.