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15 Ideas For Creating An Outstanding English Literature Dissertation

English literature is an extremely vast field and there is no end to the topics on which you can write outstanding dissertations. Here are 15 great ideas that will ensure you come up with a great dissertation.

  1. Choose your subject of research wisely
  2. Choose which particular book, novel or work of poetry you would like to research. Is it a comparative study of two or more works of literature?

  3. Choose a topic wisely
  4. When choosing a topic to write about, start with broad brush strokes and slowly narrow it down to what you would like to write about. You can choose from one of the main areas in which research has traditionally been done (of course you can choose another interesting area too).

  5. Religion
  6. How does the work of literature you are researching treat religion? Is it viewed favorably or otherwise?

  7. History of the Work
  8. What significance does this particular work have in the body of work of its author? What historical connotations does the work have?

  9. How do the characters compare?
  10. How do the characters in the book compare with each other? Does one portray good while the other is evil? How do they compare with characters in other stories?

  11. Literary and other Criticism
  12. How has the work been criticized over time? Has the criticism changed? What is your criticism?

  13. The use of Symbols
  14. Does the novel use symbolism to signify any property of the characters or society in general? Explore the significance of the symbolism.

  15. Does the book address Politics
  16. Does the work have any political significance? Does it address the relevant political issues of its time or does it sidestep them?

  17. Genres
  18. Which genre does the book or story belong to? Does it belong to more than one genre? How do the genres intermingle and what effect does this have on the story itself?

  19. Genders
  20. Does the work place any significance in the treatment of a gender in a particular way? How are women and men and their place in society depicted?

  21. Violence
  22. What is the treatment of violence in the book? Is it glorified?

  23. Profanity
  24. Has the profane language in the book been used to create authenticity of the settings or is it there for the sleaze factor?

  25. The Impoverished versus the Wealthy
  26. Does the work signify the moral superiority of one class of society over the other?

  27. Write!
  28. Having chosen a great topic from one of the areas above, research with diligence and write in a concise and coherent manner.

  29. Proofread
  30. Having written your dissertation, have it proofread by someone with a good eye for mistakes or do it yourself. Submit error-free work!