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Dissertation Topics On Management: The Top 10 Original Writing Prompts

Dissertation topics on management are plentiful and there are all kinds of popular theories that are being explored across all management disciplines. Leadership studies have been popular since 2000, so there are all kinds of ways you can review the extant scholarship on leadership and management and how these theories have evolved over the past fifteen years.


Diversity is an ever-popular subject in management. As new cultures consistently enter the workplace, then new theories have evolved over the years of how to manage and enhance workplace relationships without cultural clashes.

Also, in areas like healthcare, workers need to constantly improve their ways of interacting with patients of different cultures. There are consistently being new studies conducted in this area to continuously enhance relationships between patients and their caregivers.

But diversity is an important subject in all areas of management—all workplace environments are becoming increasingly multicultural—so any kinds of studies of intercultural relations would be interesting in virtually any sector.

Another interesting area to explore would be management in the workplace as increasing numbers of workers are beginning to work at home and how this affects and modifies ways of communicating and managing these kinds of diverse populations.

Formatting of Dissertations Made Easy

One tip I wanted to give you about formatting your dissertation is to check out a recent dissertation in your same discipline. This way, you can use their print or digital dissertation as a model for your own. Formatting of dissertations is different than any essay you have ever written.

Great Management Dissertation Topics Across Different Management Disciplines in All Kinds of Areas

  1. Leadership and Management in the Human Resources Sector
  2. Entrepreneurship and Management in Human Resources
  3. Management and Leadership in the Hospitality Sector
  4. Diversity and Management in Healthcare
  5. Healthcare and Leadership in Management Today
  6. Where Are We Going, Where Have We Been: A Look Back at the Evolution of Leadership Studies Since 2000.
  7. Leadership and Management Theory for the New Millennium
  8. Management and Human Resources Information Systems
  9. Management and Information Systems in the New Millennium
  10. Management and Corporate Governance
  11. Diversity and Intercultural Communication and Healthcare Management
  12. Diversity and Intercultural Communication in Human Resources Management Today
  13. Hospital Management and Leadership Today
  14. Marketing and Public Relations Management Today
  15. Strategic Management and Leadership Theories