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20 Outstanding Sample Dissertation Topics On North Korea

North Korea is an interesting entity in the global politics and agendas. You can choose to write about the recent agenda of the North Korea about the nuclear power acknowledgement and the role of different countries in it. You may discuss why some countries are entirely against this action, support this action or have a neutral opinion on it. If you are not interested in military and political subjects then you can discuss the life of an average person in North Korea. This will help you stay away from any controversial debates.

Choosing an effective topic for your dissertation needs certain level of research, brainstorming, elimination and critical thinking. You cannot choose a winning topic unless you do not have enough information and knowledge of your subject. You need to understand certain terminologies and read past research to see what has already been discussed. In order to choose a winning topic about North Korea for your dissertation, consider the following ideas.

Remember that these are only sample topics for your guidance and you should not use them as is in your paper.

  1. The interest of North Korea in military drama that they are creating
  2. Why would the country go ahead and challenge the Obama administration straight in their faces
  3. What is the American government and respective bodies doing about the direct threats they receive from North Korea
  4. Is North Korea an unstable state economically
  5. Is there an increase or decrease in the risk of confrontation by the armed forces
  6. The country never actually involved in critical military actions since half a century
  7. Should UN and the US accept the North Korea’s demand for acknowledgement
  8. Is North Korea acting like a cry baby
  9. Is North Korea considering to be treated like other Asian countries with nuclear powers like Pakistan and India
  10. What is the role of China in controlling or stopping the Koreans?
  11. Can china cut off the oil, food and other supplies to North Korea
  12. What is the role of Russia in the global event
  13. Discuss the art and its origin in North Korea
  14. Throw light on the cultural difference and similarities between north and south Korea
  15. What are the security interests of China in NK
  16. What are the interests of China in economy of NK
  17. How does China gain geo political benefits in NK
  18. What are the Geo political gains of China with America
  19. What is the issue of NK in an international context
  20. Discuss the lifestyle of North Koreans as compared to western countries