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10 Top Dissertation Topics On Economics: Exploring The World Market

We live in an ever changing world and with that comes a diversity in the economic markets. This makes for an interesting field of study and also comes with challenging, yet lucrative career opportunities. However, before you can embark on a mission to work in this business, you will first need to write a dissertation. Check out these top dissertation topics on economics and exploring the world market to kick-start your creative processes.

Entrepreneurial Economics

  • Discuss the roles of new immigrants and entrepreneurship.
  • Is there a difference in rural and urban areas when it comes to being an entrepreneur?
  • Discuss how culture affects entrepreneurship.

Economics and Sociology

  • What role does social networking play in the support of innovative activities?
  • How does the private network act as a facilitator in a firm's startup?
  • Discuss the role family plays in the startup of a firm or business.

Consumer Behavior and Branding

  • Analyze specific companies that have been successful in branding many products.
  • How has the branding of products improved the economy?

Low Self-Esteem and Economics

  • Discuss how companies brand products to play on people's emotions and self-worth.
  • How do companies create the urge to have new products even if they vary only slightly from the old one?

Health Scare Marketing

  • Many companies play on people's fears of certain products (eggs, coffee, soy etc.) Discuss how companies use this to their advantage.
  • Use this topic to combine the practical market with business trend awareness.
  • Farmer's Markets

    • Discuss the impact of small farmers on the commerce of a specific city or area.
    • What are the economical techniques employed by farmers?

    Business Economics

    • In the case of an industry, how do routines and habits affect productivity?
    • Discuss transaction costs and economic development.

    Regional Development

    • Discuss the economic positive externalities and regional development.
    • Discuss what is the learning, knowledge and innovation in regional development.

    Impact of Globalization

    • How does the internet affect tourism?
    • Discuss currency exchange rates and inflation.

    Pollution and Economics

    • The impact of having 100 percent electric cars and how that effect gasoline.
    • Could air pollution be linked to the life expectancy of people?

    When it comes to writing an economics dissertation, use these topics as a launching pad to your own topic or to help get your creative juices flowing. Economics serves as a vast and versatile area, so you shouldn't have a problem writing a top-grade paper.