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A List Of Outstanding Dissertation Topics In Marketing

If you are currently a marketing undergraduate (or any business degree undergraduate), you will be assigned a dissertation, which is worth a lot to your degree. In your dissertation, you are allowed to choose your own topic. Some of you may choose marketing, but then you might struggle to get an idea of topics.

Don’t worry anymore! This guide is written to give you some ideas and topics and hopefully, you’ll be on your first step to writing a great dissertation!

Social media marketing

You know social media is a huge thing. It’s so obvious! Just think of all the social media platforms that you are using now. That’s correct! There a lot, isn’t it. Don’t underestimate the power of social media, it could become the biggest trend and it’s a great topic for your dissertation.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

You may have heard of this concept, but SEO is used many small businesses to boost their rankings in search engine. It’s a great marketing technique and it is an interesting topic to discuss about.


This is one of the most traditional methods in marketing. In your dissertation, you could talk about its effectiveness and whether it is still effective today.

Relationship marketing

Perhaps this is one of the most interesting topics to talk about. You see companies offering loyal card schemes all the time, but does it work?


Does effective branding lead to more sales? Obviously this requires some more work, but again, it is worth exploring.

Cultural differences

As a company, you must be diverse and market your products accordingly based on where you are based geographically. The differences in culture could affect the way your promote the product.

Consumer psychology and behaviour

One of the basic things you learn in marketing is to anticipate consumers’ psychology. Talking about this in your dissertation would be a great thing to do!

Online marketing

Apart from social media, you could also go for online marketing as well. This means the banners or videos that you see when you are browsing the Internet.

Mobile marketing

In your work, you should talk about how mobile phones have influenced the techniques of marketing and how it is a lot easier to access customers nowadays.

Price, Product, Place and Promotion (The 4Ps)

The most basic concept of marketing, you should discuss how altering the 4Ps could potentially affect sales.

I hope you have enjoyed this guide!