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Five Steps To Creating A Strong Dissertation Proposal In Business

When writing a dissertation you will most likely need to create a proposal section. This is true of most subjects, including business. The following provides a five step guide in order to help you create this section of your academic paper.

  1. Outline the main questions that you hope to answer with your work
  2. Firstly, you will need to outline the main topic or questions that you wish to pose or discuss in your dissertation. Equally, if there are any secondary questions that will arise during your essay then you may wish to include them as well as, as long as they are significant enough - bearing mind that you have a limited about space, so you only want to include the most important details.

  3. Discuss any methods that you wish to use
  4. As well as outlining any questions that you wish to answer, you should include any methods that will help you to solve the question or questions that you ask. For example, you may wish to include how and where you will carry out any research, as well as potentially details of any questionnaires, surveys or other methods that you may use.

  5. Ensure that every word counts
  6. As mentioned, you will have a limited amount of space to write your proposal. Therefore, it is essential that you make sure that every single word as relevant as possible. If you ensure that every single word as value to your proposal then it will help to create a really strong piece of work.

  7. Re-read the proposal once you have written the rest of the dissertation to check it is still relevant
  8. If you have written the proposal prior to writing other aspects of your dissertation then, once you have written the rest of the paper, it is a good idea to reread your proposal. This helps to ensure that it is still directly relevant to the rest of the essay, as well as potentially alerting you to any important details that you might have missed.

  9. Proofread and edit the work
  10. Finally, you will need to proofread and edit the proposal. In fact, this is important not only for the proposal, but the rest of the paper as well, as this helps to eliminate any unnecessary mistakes. In fact, so important is this part of the essay writing process that it can be worth considering using a professional to do it for you.