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Seven Interesting Ideas For Your Dissertation In International Relations

There are many areas that can be covered under international relations. They include trade, politics, continental issues, environment, science, etc. To make your dissertation on international relations interesting, it is advisable to choose an outstanding topic. The topics may cover a number of areas based on your interest, the discipline you are studying and availability of research materials. Consider the scope of your course when choosing a particular topic.

The choice of a good topic allows you to express your ability and therefore actualize your potential. It is easy to conduct research for your dissertation in international relations if you are handling a topic that you are passionate about. Passion and ability ignite creativity when compiling your work. A topic that is within your scope will be evident in your understanding of the issues being discussed. This is an incredible boost to your academic work. Some of the most interesting ideas on international relations include:-

  1. US Foreign Policy
  2. US foreign policy has changed over the years from non-interference to direct involvement in conflicts. This has been shaped by events over the decades including the world wars, nuclear technology, terrorism and technology. Some of the interesting topics in this area include-

    • Has US overstepped its powers in the name of enhancing relations?
    • Is the idea of policing the world by US similar to bullying?
    • What threats are posed by China‚Äôs rising economic power?
    • Who determines US foreign policy?
    • Which is the best foreign policy decision of the decade?
  3. European Union
  4. The EU has a mandate of harmonizing the political, social and economic activities of the citizens of member countries. In the course of fulfilling this mandate, the union offers excellent fodder to students intending to produce incredible dissertations on international relations. Some of the interesting ones include:

    • What is the momentous achievement of the European Union?
    • Is the European Union in any way similar to the Soviet Union?
  5. Post Second World War
  6. The Second World War and the events that followed presented a challenging moment to international relations practitioners. There was a struggle to assert dominance and achieve self identity. The resulting conflict led to unrest that was a perfect environment for bullying. Some of the most interesting topics for dissertation in international relations include:-

    • What were the aims of WW II and were they achieved?
    • Why did the Cold War fever spread so quickly and how was it resolved.