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A List Of Outstanding Nursing Dissertation Topic Ideas

One of the most challenging tasks that you will be asked to do is to write your dissertation. It is a large paper that is unlike other papers that you have written in the past in that it focuses on adding knowledge to the field rather than just analyzing current knowledge. It is an assignment that once completed will change you from a student to a scholar. You need to take it seriously and spend some quality time creating it.

One of the first tasks and sometimes the hardest tasks is coming up with a solid topic to write about. You want this topic to be very specific. These topics may be a little too broad but once you start doing the research on them, you should be able to narrow them down a bit to make the study unique. You have to choose an original topic, so this list is kept on a broader spectrum to accommodate other students choosing the same one for their paper. Here is a list of some outstanding topics to write about.

  1. What effects does the green card backlog have on international nurses?
  2. What effects does the vaccination of children have on their health?
  3. Why has the use of behavioral meds become so prevalent?
  4. How effective is the baby’s position after birth to a delayed clamping of the cord?
  5. Why would a teenager with a traumatic brain injury be more likely to commit suicide?
  6. Why children these days have elevated cholesterol and what are the effects?
  7. There is an increase in the amount of children with autism spectrum disorder. Is this because there are more cases or because more are being tested?
  8. Does letting your child play violent video games lead to them being aggressive as teenagers or adults?
  9. Hospitals get many intakes for mental issues. Is this number higher than in the past and if so, why?
  10. What are the long term effects of Clostridium difficile infections in children?

You can start doing some research on the most interesting topic in the list and then work towards narrowing it down. You can narrow it down to a country or region to make it work for your paper. There are many ways to narrow the search down and once you start doing research it will become easier to find.