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8 Outstanding Dissertation Topics Related To Social Media

In an age driven by and dependent on technology, it is no surprise that the social media has not taken a life of its own. Universities and other higher institutions of higher learning now offer full-fledged courses and programs that have to do with the phenomenon called the social media. Below are 8 outstanding dissertation topics related to social media:

  1. Examining the Dynamics of the Relationship Between Social Media Business and Consumer: This particular topic is self-explanatory and it explores the underlying mechanisms that govern the relationship that occurs between a consumer and the social media business being patronized.
  2. What is the Future of the Social Media? What will become of the social media in the near and distant future is one thing that has captured the imagination of many academics across the world. This research topic aims to extrapolate and see what the future has in stock for the social media.
  3. What is the Impact of the Social Media on Brands? Today, brands splurge millions of dollars on social media but are they getting anything in return? This topic dissects the question and provides answers to the nagging questions of the impact or effect of social media on brands.
  4. Studying the Correlation Between Social Media and Business Profits: Anyone in the marketing world will take more than a passing interest in this topic. Of the 8 outstanding dissertation topics related to social media, this one clearly stands out. It explores a question that excites many, and that is profits derived from businesses. Does social media drive up profits or choke the profit margin?
  5. Benefits of Social Media for Start-Ups: Start-up businesses are springing all over the globe and not a few of them are tapping into the seemingly limitless depths of the social media.
  6. The Demerits of the Social Media: Although social media has received a lot of acclaims all over the world, one must not be blind to the demerits. This is precisely what this topic is all about.
  7. Is the Social Media Overrated? Some social analysts believe that the social media is overrated. They believe the social media does not deliver what it promises. Not many agree, but that is the crux of the matter as far as this dissertation topic is concerned.
  8. Secrets of Social Media Market Success: Spectacular commercial success has been recorded about the boom in the social media.

Research topics on social media are numerous, and a few are those listed above. Surely, the future is going to be interesting for social media and the billions of its users.