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A List Of The Most Interesting Dissertation Ideas On US Education

There are many facts about the United States education system. One of the biggest facts is that the country is always experimenting on new procedures and methods for educating children. If you are studying to be a higher level teacher, and it is time for you to write your dissertation, you will find that there are many options for your interesting and informative dissertation. Use our list of ideas as you consider which subject to write your piece on for the committee.

List of Interesting Ideas

  • Technology in schools is one of the trending topics in the field currently. There are many subtopics under this particular subject, such as iPads, tablets, learning Labs, laptops, and electronic textbooks. There are many ideas on this subject.
  • If you want to get a teacher talking, ask them about standardized testing. You can explore this subject and talk to educators, create surveys, and do case studies to help support your views. In addition to these interviews, you will find that there are many existing statistics on the subject.
  • Another topic that makes teachers talk, along with standardized testing, is core standards, these are standards that public schools insist their teachers address. Not all states have these, and many states are walking away from them.
  • No Child Left Behind was interesting concept, but it did not seem to be too effective. Explore the positive and the negative impacts of this approach to education.
  • The decision whether to evaluate teachers on the student test scores is a hot topic. Consider this for your subject matter for this important project.
  • It is hard to understand that violence would ever occur in a school. However, we know that shootings, stabbings, and other forms of violence occur every single year in the classroom. Look at past acts of violence in the school, and concentrate on some specific trends, then prepare your project to evaluate when, where, and why these events might be happening.
  • There are always discussions about parents and their impact on the learning curve of children. Quite frequently teachers are blamed for shortcomings of a student's that really occur because of parental actions. Look at this timely topic and explore the reasons.
  • Many people are looking to Finland and Denmark for model schools. Think about addressing this topic in your paper. Are these two places the schools that the US would want to model after? Explore this subject in your piece.