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10 Tips For Creating A Proper Dissertation Title Page

The best students often started out as average students and bit by bit learned how to to excel beyond their peers. When it comes to dissertation writing, being one of the best can be critical, especially if grading takes place on a curve. You should be a contender from the title page all the way to the appendices but if that first section is somehow skewed, everything else will be judged more harshly for it. Here are ten tips to help you with your title page.

  1. Ask your teacher for clear guidelines
  2. Ideally there should be guidelines for the completion of every dissertation. Barring this, be prepared to ask directly what needs to be included and where.

  3. Talk to other students in the class about the direction they will take
  4. Some rules are explained publicly, others are spread by word of mouth. Make sure you speak to other students to keep in the know.

  5. Look for previously produced title pages
  6. The first complete dissertation you ever see should not be your own. Look for some samples so you can work from them and learn from them.

  7. Decide what was good about the good ones and bad about the bad ones
  8. Not every sample you come across will be better than what you could produce. Separate them by quality and learn what to try and what to avoid.

  9. Refer to the style guide of the format you will use
  10. Every academic writing style has a booklet that is used to format it. Refer to this regularly to keep on track.

  11. Get supplementary information from summaries
  12. You may not have enough time to thoroughly digest the style guide but a summary might target the title page alone.

  13. Acquire a working template
  14. Templates label every part of the page so you know where your writing should go.

  15. Have someone walk through the process with you
  16. If you need help ask someone who is knowledgeable and patient.

  17. Practice a few times
  18. The first time you write a title page up need not be the occasion when you intend to submit your work. Try writing a few just to get used to how it feels. You can critique your own work alongside your samples.

  19. Hire someone to format the page for you
  20. There are writing services or academic content creation companies filled with writers who do this everyday.