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The Top 25 Dissertation Topics On Marketing For MBA

You are so close to having your MBA in marketing. The last task that you will have to worry about is your marketing dissertation. It is such a long and tedious task that you can only accomplish with hard work and concentration. One way to get started on the right foot is to have a good topic to write about. It really makes a huge difference. Here are the top 25 dissertation topics for marketing.

  1. How can Amazon beat out the price of the majority of their competitors?
  2. What are the expectations behind the use of loyalty schemes?
  3. What are some ways retailers of luxury goods can ensure customer loyalty?
  4. Do stores with an online store hurt their brick and mortar store’s profits?
  5. Examine the relationship between brand equity and perceived risk in a clothing retail store
  6. Is it necessary for the leading brands to produce the best quality of goods?
  7. Has BP’s oil spill effected business?
  8. Is there a perception made about the quality of a product when it isn’t available?
  9. How do new innovations keep a business running?
  10. Do toll-free numbers affect consumer’s responses to direct mailings?
  11. How does a telemarketer’s accent change customer responses?
  12. Does the book industry make more money with online sales or with print sales?
  13. What makes customers pass on coupon offers?
  14. What are the effects of one bad review?
  15. How does direct marketing affected online business sales?
  16. Does the ability to customize a product increase sales of the product?
  17. What search criteria are the most important to have for your customers on online stores?
  18. In a brick and mortar store, customers have to pass tons of products that they don’t need to get to the ones they do need. Do online store search options decrease sales?
  19. Does the quality of a website affect consumer’s opinion of the products?
  20. Do websites without e-commerce make as many sales? What is their conversion rate compared to sites with e-commerce?

Choose a topic that interests you and one that you can develop at least five major supporting reasons. You will write one or more paragraphs for each one of the five reasons. Be sure to not discuss two reasons in the same paragraph. Good luck and get started because it’s going to be a long road.