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Non-Stop Creativity- How To Find Original Nursing Dissertation Topics

When you are nearing the end of your nursing program, you will be asked to write a dissertation. Your dissertation is one of the hardest papers that you will be asked to write. It is different from a research paper in that it needs you to analyze the information and not just present it in a logical manner.

Finding a topic for your dissertation can be a tricky task. You will need to come up with an original idea which is not always easy. There is a way to find an original topic without driving yourself crazy.

  1. Start with your text books and notes. Come up with a general topic. This is going to be something that caught your eye. Maybe it is a procedure or a disease that you found particularly interesting.
  2. Conduct some preliminary research on the topic. This is a good way to get an idea if you have to broaden the topic or narrow it. See how many resources you are able to find on your topic. If you have found a lot, you may want to narrow it down a little. Think of a subtopic and conduct some research on that. If you don’t seem to have hardly any resources, broaden your search.
  3. Start to think about possible thesis statements. Your dissertation will be a research question that you want to answer. It will be a hypothesis. You will be conducting a study. If you can determine a thesis, it may help you come up with a study to conduct on your topic.
  4. Start brainstorming. Now that you have done a little research, you can start brainstorming to see if you can develop some more ideas about what you want to conduct your research on. Maybe you want to see if you could find a different type of treatment by studying the reactions to current treatments.
  5. Create an outline for a few of your ideas. See if they have the ability to come to fruition. Can you complete the task of writing a dissertation on these ideas?
  6. Complete your dissertation proposal to see if your topic will get approved. You can’t move ahead until you have approval.

This is one of the hardest parts of the paper. You have to come up with an original idea and create a study from nothing. Once you have this done, you will have a lot of worry and frustration out of the way.