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How To Find An Example Of An Undergraduate Dissertation Literature Review

Reviews are a great decisive point that makes your dissertation fertile. Plagiarism is a major concern and 100% plagiarism free content guarantees the quality of your work. The chief aim of literature review reveals that you have understood the relevant topic clearly in terms of formatting and substance.

If you are wondering as in where to look for such examples, check out following places-

  • Web is a plethora of quality content: Do a thorough research. Make direct search via search engines. By writing the chief keywords, you can find hundreds and thousands of results. Search them one by one and come to a conclusion that fits your criteria.
  • Check out the shelves of your school or college libraries: Check out thousands of books pertinent to your topic. Ask your librarian and she will guide you through.
  • Your passed out seniors are a great source of assistance: Their guidance should not be ignored at any cost. Since they have just passed and everything is clear in their mindset, they can guide you with the positive points and pitfalls.
  • Seek reviews of your professors and mentors: They are employed in this field since long and are very well aware of dissertation literature reviews.

Apart from that if the example meets following criteria then the review is sure to meet the excellence-

  1. That example is considered to be good which makes comparative analysis of different authors on same topic.
  2. If the group of authors derive a same conclusion or criticize the same aspects of the methodology, consider that example.
  3. Look for the examples that highlight exemplary areas of studies.
  4. If any example highlights the gaps, leave it.
  5. If the existing example relates with the previous study or the literature, it should be considered.

Furthermore, reviews should meet following purposes-

  1. The example defines and limits the areas of problem.
  2. The example places your study from historical point of view.
  3. It does not involve unnecessary duplication of content.
  4. It relates the earlier findings and the future research work.
  5. If the example evaluates promising research methods, it should be considered.

The structure of review: Your area of thesis decides the structure. Compare the opinions of various authors. Begin by writing the opinion of the first author and then second and then third and so on. Compare the topic areas based on the areas of controversies, varying approaches and theories. Use words like similarly, in addition, again, also etc to cite similar opinions of various authors. On the other hand if you are writing about the disagreement, use terms like however, nevertheless, controversially, on the other hand etc.