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Eight Interesting Dissertation Ideas For Educational Technology Students

Coming up with topics for a project that carries this much effort has to be solid. The writer has to be sure that whatever they choose can be researched to depths they probably have never experienced. Go to testimonials, or examples to get a better idea of the investigating effort involved. Keeping this fact in mind from this moment until it is complete will help you immensely. This article will give eight interesting dissertation ideas for educational technology.

  1. Technology in education- How much does the education staff rely on computers? Do they rely too much on computers to get them through each teaching semester?
  2. Technology allowed in the classroom- Getting and keeping the students’ attention today is getting harder. Does having so much access to places to wander in class making the job harder?
  3. The advancement of programming software-Is the internet slowly taking away the innocence of the youth? Has it become the place to go when the child has problems?
  4. Video game software- Is the improvements moving too fast for families to keep up financially? The cost of this technology can hit you without notice. Is this just another way of getting into trouble with the credit world?
  5. Lessons learned on the internet- Should there be some type of internet police? It is never too late to start protecting the users from any type of danger. Has the internet become too dangerous with no help in sight?
  6. Setting up regulations on the world of the internet- Has the government let the internet world run free too long so that it just ends up working under no rules like a huge conglomerate?
  7. Measuring the cognitive levels of students’ w/wo the usage of the computer world- Would the students thinking process change without the computer’s presence in their life?
  8. Health issues- How much will the technology affect the average child who chooses to sit and play on-line, instead of going outside and exercising? The issue of going outdoors and moving has never been an issue for a high percentage of children. The computer does not discriminate on what area of life it interrupts in a negative way.

Writing this article on dissertation ideas has really made me think about the influence technology has on the world. There are just as many good things as bad. Will this thing just keep growing until it is too late to fix the path of problems behind it? Can we make it work for us, instead of against us?