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How To Come Up With Catchy University-Level Thesis Topics

Coming up with an innovative and creative thesis topic is hard these days. Especially when almost every other person is looking on the internet for them. But the one thing that’s good about the internet (at least in this case) is that you not only find some of the best thesis topics, you also see hundreds of previous research articles that make your job much easier.

Most of the time, all you have to do is find a topic that is most researched upon, pick up a couple of ideas that sound great with the topic and are coherent, and you are good to go. You now have almost everything to write one of the best research papers.

But if you analyze it with an open brain, you will realize that this is not the best approach. When you choose a topic, you have to know whether it is a topic that can be argued upon or not. And that’s exactly the reason you are here reading this article.

So without any further ado, here are some ways that you should use to come up with catchy university level thesis topics:

How to tell if the selected topic is arguable?

It is simple to tell that.

  • The topic should highlight some of the social, medical and scientific issues. If the topic is merely stating a fact, then it is not arguable in the first place. Next topic.
  • The topic should have more than one angle to explore. The best way to do this is to make a pros and cons list and identify the different aspects of the topic. Remember, an argument can only be built if there is more than one way of looking at an issue.
  • The topic should have sufficient prior research to support your claims. (Isn’t that exactly what arguments are all about?).

Here are some good example topics for you to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Should cell phones be banned in universities?
  • Are those environmentalists right about global warming or they are just exaggerating things?
  • Is it ethical to donate organs and have organ transplants?
  • Is it ethical for marketing firms to tap into the privacies of consumers while conducting their surveys?
  • Should criminals be allowed to re-enter the society once they have served their due time in the prison?