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How Should I Check A Thesis Writer Before Hiring Him? 

If you are stuck with not being able to write a single line for your dissertation paper, getting a professional to help you out is always an option. There are hundreds of writers online willing to support you. However, you have to be very careful and thorough when hiring one since there is always a risk of running into fake authors. Here are some important things you should do to avoid that:

  1. Check the references and education levels.
  2. Being a professional writer takes skills and experience, just like in any other sphere. If you want to make sure your paper is being done properly, ask for some work samples and credentials. Any good author will be more than happy to provide you with those. If you encounter someone unwilling to do so, you should probably stay away from him or her. Client reviews can also be a good way to learn more about the chosen professional. If there are none, or if the existing ones seem too good to be true, you are probably dealing with someone who lacks experience or is deceitful.

  3. Talk face-to-face with the author.
  4. Establishing a good connection with the person working for you can be very beneficial to your thesis. With modern means of communication, this can be done with little to no effort. Of course, it is possible to get a good paper from a stranger. However, the more you communicate, the better you get to know each other. As a result, you will get better assistance and the paper will match your personal features, or even your own style.

  5. Ask for some security.
  6. Most professional writers understand that anything can happen during the working process, so they will often provide certain guarantees for their customers. These can be very different, from multiple revisions to a payment withdrawal possibility. Offering such benefits is a sign of a responsible and credible writer who aims at a long-term relationship.

  7. Be the one in charge.
  8. If you want your thesis to be accurate and successful, you will need to administrate the whole process and establish basic regulations. Make sure you and the person you are about to hire agree on some ground features, such as how often you want progress reports, what kind of paper you are looking for, under what circumstances you will not consider the dissertation acceptable, and anything else you think is important. Clarifying these will save you a lot of time and trouble afterwards.