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How To Find A Proofread Sample Of A Doctoral Dissertation

By the time you start looking into writing your dissertation the idea of being referred to as ‘Doctor’ will be so tantalizingly close you can taste it. This is a terrible time to mess up anything. As a result, you will want to be certain your writing style is perfect and your formatting beyond reproach. Your best ally in that cause is a batch of high quality dissertation samples that have been well proofread and edited by professionals. Here are a few sources you should consider.

All of your colleagues who are pursuing the same accreditation

If you’ve been looking for samples, they have been too. Some of them may have been more successful than you and found several in a very short space of time. Talk to these other students and ask to see what they found as well as where they found it. On returning to their sources you may find a few more that are of use to you.

Current doctors

If you know anyone who’s just a year ahead of you in their program they may have finished a dissertation and done quite well with it too. Ask this person to see theirs and they might just say yes. Better yet, ask them to go over it with you so you can understand their style choices. If this person has the same professor as you it will give you an even better idea of your choices will be reflected in grades.

The professor

The person directly in charge of your dissertation has definitely looked through several others in the past and has access to quite a few of them still. If these were made available to you it would be asinine for you to attempt to plagiarise them so there is no reason for your professor to not make them available. It would in fact be an extremely attractive option to him or her. Exposure to the better examples would most likely make your own writing better.

Professional writers

Freelance writers as well as companies that specialise in academic content creation can often whip up a dissertation for you in weeks or days. It will show you exactly what you need to do to make your own. It will cost you however and if your income is low you might want to try another option.

These should help you write confidently.