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How To Find A Well-Written Sample Of An MBA Dissertation

A dissertation is a sine qua non for a number of graduate departments in business. If one is not furnished then the graduate degree is not conferred; it is as simple as that. This can be a challenge for a number of graduate students who are more mathematically oriented. They may be able to build financial models but they lack writing skills. It is a little bit too late to sign up for writing course and often they are trying to find a sample to help them with the job. There are number of places to look.

  1. 1. Writing Assistance Websites. These are commercial spaces on the Internet that offer help in drafting a dissertation. They may have samples that can be downloaded to help a person do a better job of writing.
  2. 2. The Business Library May Have Some Old Copies. The school may keep all dissertations on file that can be inspected. These can show the formatting and what has to be in the paper from a style point of view. They can be extremely important. Graduate students may know a lot about their subject, but are not clear as to what has to be in a good dissertation (Acknowledgment, Literature Review, etc.).
  3. 3. Various Business Journals. A number dissertations are good enough to be published and a person can take a look at some samples in a number of business journals.
  4. 4. Dissertation guides on Amazon. There are books available that can give some guidance on how to write that very important MBA paper. What is great about Amazon is that they have the new additions, and also use copies. These copies can be fairly inexpensive and Amazon will deliver quickly, depending on what the customer wants.

Looking at samples is not an invitation to cheat. Plagiarism is a very serious offense in academia, and can result in the expulsion of the offender. It is easier these days to find somebody who is plagiarized. Besides, why would anybody want to copy someone else’s work?

The MBA dissertation is a means in which you advertise your expertise to the business world. If the paper is published then your credentials are enhanced because of that. The project is something that you can use to learn even more about a particular business topic. That will certainly be helpful as you go looking for that first post school job. You can even anchor your entire business career based on the writing that you did. Taking a look at a few samples assures that what you finally present looks very professional.