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How To Create A Good Engineering Dissertation: Writing Advice

Unlike with many other subjects, with an engineering dissertation your topics are likely to be a limited choice. Your supervisor may offer you a list of subjects on which to base your project report.

You want to write the best dissertation possible, by definition a great project is one which inspires other graduate students when they are researching for their work; a good project report will be cited in many future papers. So there is no point in writing about a subject that only an elite group of people can understand. This is the project that will prove to potential employers that you are worth your salary. You will show you can perform independent research in a pioneering area or present an old idea in an innovative way.

Starting out.

  • Before you begin your research, make sure there are two or three ideas that you are enthusiastic about. Enthusiasm will take you a long way towards completing this great work.
  • Do not just look at the usual journals for your supporting evidence, look at the best papers that have been presented to recent conferences. This way you can ensure you are at the forefront of research.
  • Study your supervisor’s graduate paper. This shows the amount of work that you must be prepared to undertake. Here’s an idea, ask your supervisor what he or she would rework if they had the paper to do over now.
  • Even with the limited list of topics the research can seem overwhelming. Perhaps using a more specialized search engine might work. Setting limits on your research such as more recent dates or use very defined search words.
  • Equally it may seem that you cannot find enough supporting evidence for your argument. This time use search terms including the words “and” “or”. Look through the references of the information you have found and follow those.
  • Keep your information well organized. If you are using Internet sources, always set out the date you accessed the website as internet information can change very quickly.

A few ideas to help you on your way.

  • Civil engineering. Perhaps you could discuss the difficulties and advantages of sustainable construction techniques.
  • Perhaps you are more interested in management and could discuss risk assessments and performance.
  • A method of lowering energy consumption in electric goods would be interesting for electrical engineers.
  • Chemical engineers might be interested in methods of pollution control.
  • Engineering failure is a problem that all engineers must wrestle with.