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10 Most Interesting Dissertation Topics Related To Media

Media has taken voluminous proportions with the emergence of Internet. Now the print media has to face existential competition with electronic media; the visual media also being a live threat.

Suffusion of awareness

With television, radios, newspapers; Internet cashing on you with regular tidbits; the new player by the name of social media keeps playing its own game to make you involved and participative. Needless to say, media has become a trendy domain for dissertations.

The primal throw of the dice is awareness. Media makes us aware of the happenings around and thus there is a feeling of gratitude towards it. It is only thus that it is generally given extravagant license to meddle into personal lives.

Here are 10 instructive dissertation topics related to media –

  1. The manner in which media makes intrusions into personal spheres – Shed light on the damage it does to many people’s confidence and how it engenders frustration and fear.
  2. The impact of social media on common lives – Social media has really shrunk the world and given commoners a chance to tug in with celebrities and luminaries. It has also given a launch pad to promising youngsters to showcase their talent.
  3. The role that media plays in objectifying women – While cinema and books are major culprits, media is no less involved in decorating the male gaze.
  4. The educational aspirations of media – There are many ways in which media is spreading the importance of education and helping education technology.
  5. The fight between different scopes of media – The newspaper still is the staple diet for early risers; but television and Internet have their own followers. Find the data.
  6. The manner in which media can influence a utopian world – It can certainly help put ethics to the fore and make everyone accountable of his acts in a significant manner.
  7. The changing of winds – when Media has toppled governments – Media has been instrumental in toppling many Governments. The opening up of scams and illumination of an inherent weakness are the major arrows it has in its quiver.
  8. The low level games that Media often plays – Media is not beyond playing certain deceitful tricks or unleashing shady tactics. Enquire and elaborate on a few major ones.
  9. The responsibility that Media should feel towards celebrities – It appears that celebrities are the media’s horn-dogs and often have to act as Media directs.
  10. Is the powers given to Media justified – Well, there may be cases when Media flouts its extreme powers, but in general, Media plays a fair game.