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How To Find A Proofread Sample Dissertation Questionnaire?

Proofreading is the process of checking for errors that separates amateur level work from anything that could be produced by a professional. Often times, the academic resources sourced online show a clear lack of professionalism which could even be taken as a sign that they are not to be used by students who aim to be the best.

At the doctoral and masters level, it is not uncommon to be required to complete a dissertation. This document takes enough time and effort that you would benefit from having the best resources to use in its creation. This is true from the guidelines you use to structure it all the way to the questionnaire template you use to design your survey instrument. Poorly designed survey instruments can ruin research by:

  • Causing respondents to become confused and submit false answers that skew statistics
  • Making it likely for respondents to feel shame and lie
  • Being too long for most respondents to pay attention to from start to finish
  • Containing outdated hypotheses that have already been shown to be untrue

To prevent your own questionnaire from falling into those traps, a good template should be sourced. This can be done by:

Seeking assistance from a paid academic content provider

These writing services may even provide such a document to you for free in their sample section. If not, for a fee you can explain the nature of your research and have them create the survey instrument for you from scratch or just buy the template.

Asking your professor for a sample

Sample survey instruments can also be used to guide the creation of your own. The process is quite simple. You merely need to rad the instrument well and adjust it to make it appropriate for your own research. Your professor should have access to several of these.

Poll your classmates and take the best examples of surveys they have amassed

Never be afraid to work with others academically. This is the way the world works and the better you understand this now, the more likely you are to find profitable work after graduation. Many a student has earned top grades only to realize that lower performers achieve more because of a greater ability to network. Ask someone for a sample. They might just say yes.

The use of examples can jump-start your own writing ability in ways that may not initially be clear. Try it and see how well it works for you.