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List Of 15 Interesting Dissertation Topics About Public Health

When you building a career in public health and you are preparing to write your dissertation, it provides you the opportunity to have your say as far as the ideology of cleanliness and public health is concerned. This is especially when you consider the fact that different cultures all have their varied views about public health. After the excitement, it is time to settle down and decide on a topic to write about. You want to do something different and unique as far as your paper is concerned and as such, you want to go that extra mile in choosing and interesting topic.

Often times, students find out that they are faced with several interesting options and at a loss on which topic will be suitable for their dissertation topics about public health. It could also be that you have not been able to compile any possible list that you can choose from. If this is the case, here are some topics you can choose from. You can also use this list of topics as an inspiration in creating your own unique topic. They are as follows:

  • Life with seniors with dementia – Helping the family cope
  • Families struggling with mentally ill members – Exploring the benefits of group therapy
  • Understanding certain health issues – The role of literacy
  • Sexual harassment in the public health sector – A deeper analysis
  • Guiding against discriminations in the health care system
  • Dealing with mental health concerns in public schools
  • The issue of obesity – Coping with the help of public health service workers
  • The role of public health workers in helping patients cope with behavioural therapies
  • Understanding the relationship between poverty and certain diseases
  • Public health centres – Efficient management practices
  • How to successfully manage opioid addicts in public health clinics
  • Increased access to mammograms – How public health workers can help patients
  • The role of public health workers in helping seniors live a fulfilled life
  • Uninterrupted access to end of life care – The role of public health caregivers
  • Effective management of flu vaccines in public health settings

With this list of interesting dissertation topics about public health, you can surely find something that interests you or better still, would serve as an inspiration as you work on your doctoral academic paper. You can also go to your academic adviser or supervisor for suggestions on possible interesting topics.