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Dissertation Topics In Geotechnical Engineering: 19 Brilliant Ideas

There are various sub- branches relating to civil engineering, one of which is geotechnical engineering. It is a particularly important sub-branch of civil engineering, and has many applications in a range of different industries.

For anyone who is studying civil engineering, there might come an opportunity to write a dissertation about geotechnical engineering and, if this is the case, then picking a good topic to write about is highly advisable. To help you think of good topics and titles for your dissertation on geotechnical engineering, the following is a list of 19 brilliant ideas.

  1. Discuss the difficulties faced in relation to find particles for geotechnical engineering projects involve soil mechanics
  2. How do geotechnical engineers carry out investigations in order to determine the suitability of soil and rock?
  3. Including excavation, filling and compaction, discuss the different processes related to earthworks
  4. What are the pros and cons of geosynthetic when carrying out geotechnical engineering projects?
  5. Discuss slope stabilization, and the various factors that need to be considered in order to ensure a successful project
  6. Discuss how geotechnical engineers use production and a variety of different pressures - such as passive pressure - when carrying out geotechnical engineering projects
  7. How do cantilever rules work and what makes them so appropriate in relation to lateral support structures?
  8. Discuss the use of gravity rules in the 21st century
  9. Outline and discuss geotechnical engineering failures, and why they went wrong
  10. What factors do geotechnical engineers have to consider when designing foundations?
  11. Discuss the use of slab foundations when building various structures
  12. The history of geotechnical engineer
  13. How are soil properties calculated and what difficulties and inaccuracies can geotechnical engineers face when trying to work them out?
  14. What is the standard penetration test and why is it used?
  15. With reference to specific real-life examples, discuss the difficulties faced when designing oil platforms and other offshore geotechnical engineering projects
  16. Compare and contrast the use and design of shallow foundations and deep foundations
  17. Describe the processes and methods that may be used in surface exploration, as well as how and when each one might be most appropriate
  18. Compare and contrast the use and effectiveness of standard penetration tests and penetration tests
  19. How is geotechnical centrifuge modelling used in 21st century geotechnical engineering projects?