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Top 22 Interesting Dissertation Topics In Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary medicine is a broad field. You may spend a lot of time choosing a topic for your dissertation because there are many questions that can be researched and answered. If you don’t have some preferences, it can be very difficult to come up with something that’ll be interesting for you to investigate. For this reason, the article contains a list of good dissertation topic ideas that you may use for your own work.

  1. Ocular disease and the usage of high-resolution ultrasound.
  2. Comparative ocular pharmacology: regulation of intraocular pressure.
  3. Mechanisms that lead to the non-contact cruciate rupture in dogs.
  4. Immune responses that stimulate the development of stifle synovitis.
  5. Small animal orthopaedics and advanced diagnostic imaging techniques.
  6. The study of equine dental disease and the ways of treating it.
  7. Dogs with spontaneous tumors and radiotherapy.
  8. Kidney transplantation in cats: new techniques for ureteral implantation.
  9. Chylothorax in dogs and cats: new treatments.
  10. Engineering the molecular basis of a wound surface for dissolution of bacterial biofilms.
  11. Organ preservation for transplantation: advanced methods.
  12. Analgesia for nondomestic animals with an emphasis on analgesic efficacy in reptiles.
  13. Companion and laboratory animals: acute and chronic pain management.
  14. Preventing acquired TMJ disorders in working dogs.
  15. Maxillofacial reconstruction: new techniques.
  16. Odontogenic tumors and their classification.
  17. The development of the urinary bladder epithelium.
  18. The comparison of magnetic resonance imaging and enhanced ultrasonography.
  19. Corneal erosions in dogs: treating techniques.
  20. Imaging of the retina in humans and animals.
  21. Canine cruciate rupture: mapping the genetic basis.
  22. The intensive care involved with surgical diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

If you select one of these topics, you’re likely to write a good dissertation. However, a decent topic isn’t the only factor that can earn you a high score. Thorough research is a very important step of your work. You should choose your methodology carefully in order to achieve the best results.

If you don’t have time and resources to conduct your research, you may use the services of professional dissertation writers whom you can find here. Such agencies can provide you with different kinds of assistance. They may just edit and format your paper, for example, or even compose a custom-written dissertation from scratch. The amount of help depends on the sum of money that you’re willing to spend.

You should also keep in mind that to earn a high score for your work, you should both submit your dissertation in time and do your best during the defense.