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Finding The Most Interesting Dissertation Topics On Social Work

Social work is not everybody’ cup of tea, however if you are a research student and pursuing your dissertation in this sector, you should pick a topic that is of mass interest.

Following is a list of some most highly interesting dissertation topics to be chosen from-

  1. Write a detailed analysis on the cause of the death of baby- X. Talk about the reasons as why he had to suffer and bear the injuries for so long. What measures should be taken to avoid such cases in future?
  2. The statistics of child abuse is on increase. What are the reasons and how such situations can be prevented?
  3. What is the root cause of child abuse? How it can be eradicated? How child abuse victims should be treated physically, mentally and emotionally and transformed into healthy individuals?
  4. How social agencies can contribute towards better social development, healthier economic circumstances and towards superior healthcare facilities?
  5. Healthcare for euthanasia has ignited a spark in the United Kingdom. Can social workers make the lives of ageing people better by altering their thinking process and by proving better moral support? How? What should be their role? How government can support them? What new jobs and positions should be introduced?
  6. Social workers are humans after all. What mental trauma they have to bear while solving crucial issues existing in society? What are the hurdles faced by them?
  7. How the function of the mentor is crucial while offering social work training to others?
  8. How personal relationship can be fastened between a mentor, social worker and the mentee while maintaining professional conducts?
  9. What special training can be provided to social workers so that they can help vulnerable adults and young people in solving their issues?
  10. What multi-method research techniques should be employed by the social workers?
  11. What are the some terrible challenges faced by a social worker?
  12. What social work interventions should be carried out by the social workers to assist young adults between the age group of 18-24 who live with mental health difficulties?
  13. Is social working a good employment opportunity?
  14. Is social work highly stressful job? How these people will cure others issues when they themselves are living in stress?
  15. Do social workers should be provided special advantages and better facilities so that they turn into a stronger well being (physical, mental and emotional)?
  16. What are the serious personal safety issues experienced by social workers? How they can be dealt?

The above stated topics are highly crucial and can be striking research paper ideas.