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A List Of Interesting Business Dissertation Topics And Ideas

As the world of business constantly evolves, the topics for business dissertations changes, too. While business students learn about the past and present world of business, the future is rapidly becoming a reality. Graduate and doctorate students who are preparing to write their dissertations have so many interesting topics that they can choose. These general topics are of interest to many business students and can be expanded or narrowed to fit your needs:

  • How to effective use a human resources department in the age of freelancing? As more businesses turn to freelancers instead of full-time employees, what does a human resources department need to do? Do companies still need human resources specialists? Why or why not?
  • What is social responsibility and how are companies incorporating it? Does social responsibility only work in small, localized companies or are global corporations using it? What does it look like? What are the latest trends?
  • How do global companies work with cultural sensitivity? As the world gets small, companies need to understand how best to work with people from other countries. Is cultural sensitivity training a form of stereotyping? Is it necessary? Who needs to learn from whom?
  • What makes a business leader successful and innovative? Which value is more important? How are these qualities measured? Is team leadership more important?
  • What is the value of post-secondary education in today’s business world? Are college degrees necessary? Is the MBA still relevant? What are companies looking for - education or experience? How do young people entering the job market gain experience, if education is no longer needed?
  • How has crowdfunding changes the way business is done and companies are created? Is this model of business funding built to last? Who is giving money to the ideas on crowdfunding websites?
  • What is the role of professional athletics in the business world? How do companies pair themselves with local teams? What is the benefit of building business relationships with professional athletes? Are sponsorships worth the risk for big businesses? Is it worthwhile to put a company’s name on an individual, like a professional athlete?
  • How much security is enough? Whether we are talking about insurance, Internet security, or physical security guards, what is the right amount for each business? How are the necessary numbers created? How do businesses afford to be covered in case of any type of emergency, natural disaster, or data breach?