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The 10 Best Sports Science Dissertation Ideas You Wouldn't Think Of

It's easy to find sports dissertation topics but not so easy to find ones which are unusual and are likely to make your readers sit up and take notice. Here are ten topics which fit that latter category. Remember that every idea has a spinoff or three. You can take an idea here but brainstorm it and adapt it to something more specific to your interests and expertise.

  1. Injuries from aggressive actions in football.
  2. Impact on the body of athletes who enter ultra-marathon events.
  3. Exercise programs for athletes who have retired.
  4. The impact of regular walking on the fitness levels of older sportspeople.
  5. How menstruation affects the performance of female athletes.
  6. When an event is cancelled by the Olympic committee, what happens to that sport in terms of public participation?
  7. Treatment innovations for athletes with serious injuries.
  8. History of athletes who have been banned for illegal drug use.
  9. The role of sport in schools with regard to fitness and sports-participation in later years.
  10. Comparison between countries where sport is taught to very young children as in gymnastics.

The importance of the above topics is that you are able to adapt them to your area of interest. The relevance of the topic will be more appropriate for some students than for others. The beauty of all of these topics is that they are relatively recent if not current and are therefore obtaining access to information supporting the study of these topics should be both easy and rewarding.

As mentioned at the beginning, it is possible to take any one of these dissertation topics and adapt them according to your situation. And as has long been advocated the best topic for any piece of academic writing is one in which the writer has an interest or better still a passion.

It is easy to find popular or common place topics for a sporting dissertation but here the test is to find something unusual or something which you would not normally think of unless pressed. By all means use one or more of these suggested topics as a springboard to find even more unlikely yet interesting topics.

The test here is not so much to write well a well-researched dissertation but to rather discover or create a topic which has rarely if ever been discussed in this type of detail. If you are able to find this rare or unusual topic, chances are your dissertation will have a flying start.