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How Can I Find A Well-Written Example Of A Dissertation On Health?

When you start working on your dissertation on health, it’s useful to see how the completed paper should look like. However, some professors claim that studying an example often makes students follow all the aspects of the document. This may cause the rejection of the assignment because of the violation of plagiarism policies. Meanwhile, by using a sample wisely, you will be able to compose a winning work.

What to Learn from High-Quality Dissertation Examples

So, you should use a chosen example in a proper manner to eliminate accidental plagiarism and copying ideas and approaches. You can learn the following by studying a sample document and then use this knowledge to compose a high-quality paper:

  • How to format the assignment under the academic standards.
  • What elements to include in your writing.
  • How to structure your work properly.
  • Whom to include in your acknowledgement page.
  • How many sources to use to develop the argument.
  • What transitions to use to make the text flow.
  • How to set a proper tone for your writing.
  • What information to provide in appendixes.

Where to Find a Good Example to Follow

After you have understood how you should use your health dissertation sample, you should check these 5 places to pick a good example to follow:

  1. Ask your academic advisor.
  2. Your academic advisor is likely to have a few good examples that you can review. You should also ask him or her where you can get some more supportive materials if needed.

  3. Ask your fellow students.
  4. If you know anyone who has recently graduated from your school, it’s a good idea to ask them to share their papers and tell you what helpful resources you may use to complete your assignment.

  5. Go to the school or local library.
  6. Libraries are the right place to search for examples of academic writing. They often have copies of published research papers on health and medicine. Moreover, there you will find relevant literature and writing guidelines worth studying.

  7. Visit the website devoted to studying health-related issues.
  8. On the Web, there are plenty of websites that share health-related content, including the key findings in dissertations, theses, and research papers. There, you may also find out some perspective ideas for further examination.

  9. Find an electronic archive of student works.
  10. Different academic institutions provide online collections of papers written by their students. Usually, you can search by category, date, and keywords, so try to pick an example relevant to your study topic.