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The Easiest Way To Find A Sample Dissertation In The Chicago Style

APA, MLA and Chicago styles are some of the common ways to format your dissertation. This time if you are supposed to write your dissertation in this style, you need to follow special formatting guidelines. Referring sample dissertation is also one of the ways to go through to write an immaculate piece of article. It is also known as Turabian style of writing and is generally used for writing research work in American English.

Citation rules:

  • Humanities style: Humanities style is followed by the students of literature and Social Sciences. In this, footnotes and bibliography patterns are followed for writing the citations.
  • Author Date System: On the other hand the Author Date system is employed by the students of Science. In this sources are cited using parenthetical author date references. The text and the reference list are prepared using this style.

Depending on the stream you are carrying your research work; you need to choose amid these two writing styles.

  • Citation is written in the form of in-text citation and for writing the references. One of the primary rules of writing the Chicago style is that even if you are not using the words of authors directly, you need to state the citation sources. All these facets should be included in the text citation
  • Author’s complete name
  • Title of the workplace of publication
  • Publisher’s name
  • Page number of the cited source for the relevant citation. Here, the name of the author is written with short title.

Formatting guidelines:

  • Double spacing should be used. For footnotes, single spacing is maintained.
  • One line should be left after each entry.
  • All the pages should be numbered appropriately. Even if the page is blank, it will be counted ex. introductory page or bibliography page.
  • Number is placed either in the centre or at the top right corner of the page.
  • Footnotes and endnotes are employed to write quotes and paraphrases.
  • Text subscripts are used to cite the sources. The number corresponds to the number in the notes. The name of the author, the name of the book and the year of publication are important to be mentioned.

It is necessary that you follow all the formatting guidelines; otherwise your paper will lack presentation. Good structure, clear expressions and delivery of thoughts is mandatory to impress your readers. Once done with writing, ask your colleague or any expert to go through it, so that faults can be corrected before submitting enabling you to score high. To be clearer on this part, start looking for a sample resource that follows the above mentioned guidelines.