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How To Get A Great Business Dissertation Proposal Sample

The three years at university (or four years in the U.S.) would probably be the most stressful years in your life. You are going to be working so hard and trying to get the best grade you can possibly achieve. For some of you, you may have chosen to study business for your degree and the level of details required for your dissertation would be quite intense. A lot of research and understanding of the topic are needed if you want to succeed in this demanding subject. However, before you even start writing your dissertation, you must write a satisfactory proposal for your mentor and wait for his or her approval. Not to mention that the proposal carries a certain weighting too! Well, here are a few places that you should be looking for proposal samples:


If you happen to know anyone who has graduated from university (not necessarily from your university), then it might be a good idea to ask for his or her help. These people have completed their degree and obviously they have written their dissertation already! So they certainly know how to write a proposal properly.

Normally, the alumni are willing to help current students a helping hand and they wouldn’t be asking for anything back. That means you can even pick their brains and seek their advices! It would really help with your own assignment and you can certainly get a better grade.


The Internet works as well if you are looking to get proposal examples. All you need to do is just go on a search engine and just type in the keywords you require. There will be thousands of results available to you immediately. But obviously, you should only select your samples for your dissertation proposal from trustworthy websites only. You don’t really want to follow a template written by a random, unverified person, do you? It is extremely important for you to write a great dissertation proposal because that is the first step to leaving an impression to your marker!


If necessary, you can even go to your tutor directly and ask for advice. He or she knows exactly what you need to do and should be able to provide you with samples for your dissertation proposal. The details should be high and you can be sure that you won’t be doing anything wrong! It would be a good practice if you asked your tutor for an appointment beforehand though!